The challenge issued by the UN was to create small digital campaigns informing people about the virus that could be easily translated to different languages and cultures.
First-Person Distancing
2 metres of distance is hard to visualize when there is no context for your surroundings. These posts will be visual guides for maintaining space in various settings. Using the 360° photo capabilities on Facebook, we will give people a first-person perspective of what maintaining proper distance looks like in grocery stores,on streets, and in other public spaces.
Mythical Busting 
It’s important that people get their information from the right place. Unfortunately, misinformation can be disguised and spread though legitimate-looking websites. The information may sound convincing, when reality, they are fake facts.  We are taking these real-sounding “facts,” and showing them for what they truly are - myths. We will create Instagram/Facebook stories with eye-catching mythical creatures sharing fake facts. Helping disseminate what is true and what is mere mythology. We will direct viewers to the WHO website to get the real information.
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